playing cards with frisk in tomodachi life

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Shared July 16, 2019

Today in Tomodachi Life, we add Ness from Earthbound to the island! Also Meg tried to leave me for Cory...
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2nd Channel (Unedited Gameplay) -

0:02 - Come The Raging Chaos
0:12 -
0:19 - Tomodachi Life Dock Theme
1:54 - Price Is Right Theme
10:11 - Ascending From Deep Water
Outro : Homebody - Milmo (

Tomodachi Life is a life simulation handheld video game for the Nintendo 3DS and the second game in the Tomodachi series, following the Japan-exclusive Nintendo DS title, Tomodachi Collection.
The gameplay is very similar to its predecessor, Tomodachi Collection, as this game also takes place on an island inhabited by various Miis, which the player can import from their 3DS, other devices, or QR Codes, or create from scratch using the 3DS' camera or the in-game creation tools.

Miis can then perform various actions, such as eating, trying on different outfits, visiting various facilities on the island, and doing many leisurely activities. As more Miis are introduced, many strange and curious interactions can occur between Miis, such as friendship, romance, rivalry, and even bizarre musical numbers.

If a male and female Mii get along well enough, they can start to date and even get married, creating their own house to live in together. Married Miis can even have children that will grow up in the house. Once the child gets old enough, it can live in its own apartment or go off as a traveler. Travelers will wait at the dock of the island. If the player StreetPasses with someone who also has Tomodachi Life, the traveler will go to the other person's island to visit.

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