The History of Marvel vs Capcom's 'Special Partners'.

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Shared October 7, 2019

This video took 7 weeks to make. On top of the ridiculous amount of research and fact checking, I had to learn to play X-Men: COTA, Marvel Super Heroes, MSH vs SF and (for just 1 combo) Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Games I have never put any time into and really didn't understand until now. This was because I wanted to include some fun combos for the characters featured in those games. Basically, I wanted it to be clearly authored by someone who both loves and can (to some degree) play, fighting games.

Also, it's important to mention that all the information in this video refers specifically to Capcom made fighting games. For example, mentioning the fact that Jubilee never became a playable character simply means that you couldn't play as her in any 2d, Capcom fighting games. I'm sure you could probably play as her in some of those random 3d x-men games at some point.

It's difficult to describe the relief I'm feeling from making the final draft of this video. I got super burnt out several times when trying to put this together and it seems to be pretty much impossible for it to ever be successful enough to justify the time I put in. I'm still glad I made it though and I do have another couple of ideas for longer form videos if any of you guys particularly enjoyed this one and want to see more.

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