X-Men COTA Random Combo Video 1

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Genre: Gaming

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Shared December 29, 2011

X-Men Children of the Atom Random Combos Video 1
Combos, video / music edit by Battousai
Music - Immediate Music, Action and Drama #4 (Overdrive,Velocity and Relentless - custom mix)

Some Highlights:
Akuma : Air-ground throw bug
Cyclops : Combo after slow special throw, combo in-out of slow regular air optic blast, c.lk and sweep juggles
Iceman: Landing before j+down.HP and using it to combo in-out of slow Icefist and Ice Avalance
Colossus: Psylocke's bg elements (girders) allowing for screen crossing juggle, j.HK hitting behind him
Sentinel: Combo in-out of drones (2 ways), way for Sent to continue combo after floor break
Silver Samurai: Ways to combo through floor break, HK fall through floor bug (3:11)
2 bugs: HK fall through floor bug with throw IN floor Sam vs Spiral, Omega Destroyer visual bug
Wolverine: Combo in-out of HP ground throw which has long recovery, combo in-out of speedup, ping-pong.