Marble Divider SUCCESS - Marble Machine X #45

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Shared July 18, 2018

I am taking revenge on the Marble Divider and finding out that bent acrylic tubing looks awesome as marble tracks . Really great Mad Scientist aestethics and i think i will implement more acrylic marble paths on other parts of the Marble Machine X!

THE FORM IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for your interest! I'm sure that we have our Project Manager in the responses!

I am hiring! Looking for:

Project Management Engineer with Fusion 360 CAD Competence to increase the completion speed of the Marble Machine X

- Just to be obvious: I am not looking for volunteers, this is a paid job.
- Short term, Intensive period, Starting ASAP

Every week i go into details of something, video editing, bending PMMA pipes for the Marble divider, etcetera, etcetera. Now i am looking for someone independent with project oversight who can make sure that the MMX project is driven forward in the macro cosmos while i am focusing in the micro cosmos. I am not looking for someone who wants to help me with what i ask you to do, i am looking for someone who will tell me what to do, your ability to work independently and your project management skills is crucial here. I am looking for someone who can keep the whole MMX team busy, keep track on tasks and deliveries of material, talks to manufacturers and keeps the wheels turning. Probably you need to love excel sheets more than anything else. I dont really know, i need you to know! :)

We are going into a super fun period in the project where a lot of parts are arriving to France for assembly. But while i am assembling on the micro level, the project stands still on the macro level. I need you to not let that happen, so while i am attaching the Marble Divider onto the machine, you are the one making sure the supply of Argon Gas for my TIG Welder is refilled and keep everyone else in the team occupied. All on a distance!

There is also a future aspect in this, we might need to build a backup MMX for the world tour, i also need a project manager for that upcoming project. I have some fun ideas for how that project could be done. That project should run without my involvement while i am composing the new music for the album. Maybe you could be that person as well.

So, if you would be interested in playing a big role in the completion of the MMX, if you are experienced and competent and confident that you can do all above and perhaps more please fill in this form: FORM CLOSED

Looking so much forward to hearing from you!

I also want to thank everyone else for your support on this project. I want to speed things up so we can get to the music part of this, thanks to your support, the chance of that actually happening is much greater!

All best/ Martin

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Thanks to and for providing the CNC Machine and the 3D Printer for the Marble Machine X Project!