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Shared October 9, 2019



To you watching this video and wondering how a hero from the Overwatch universe has come to be part in the ongoing battle of the people of Hong Kong in pursue of their own freedom - this is how:

On October 6, 2019 the Hong Kong Hearthstone player "Blitzchung" wins an important series in the Hearthstone Grandmaster Season 2 Finale. During his winners interview, Blitzchung expressed his support and solidarity for the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

If you're interested, you can see the interview here:
"Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" (roughly translated)

On October 8, 2019 the game developer Blizzard took an official stance on this incident - you can read it here:

Blizzard explains, that upon "further review" they have decided to take the following actions: Disqualify Blitzchung, withdraw his prize money, prohibit him from playing for one year in any Hearthstone esport event.
On top of that, they fired the two Taiwanese casters.
They based their action on top of the following ruling:
"Engaging in any act that, in Blizzard’s sole discretion, brings you into public disrepute, offends a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damages Blizzard image will result in removal from Grandmasters and reduction of the player’s prize total to $0 USD, in addition to other remedies which may be provided for under the Handbook and Blizzard’s Website Terms. "

While it is Blizzards right to take action after a rulebreaking, it is often criticised that an American based company would rather bow to profits from the Chinese market than take a stance on Freedom and punish a desperate call for democracy in such a harsh fashion.

The whole thing is seen as especially bad because of the removal of the two Taiwanese casters, due to the very troublesome past and current relationship between China and Taiwan.
This surged a massive wave of criticism and outrage in many many online communities reaching even mainstream media and recognition of popular politicians.

Some of Blizzards supposed core values, such as "Every voice matters" or "The world could always use more heroes" have been ridiculed a lot.

So the internet did what the internet does.
In a twist of irony the hivemind decided to elect Mei, a popular Overwatch hero from China ( (Overwatch = Blizzard game), to be a symbol of the Hong Kong revolution.

Not only is Mei a truly inspiring (albeit fictional) character, her being a symbol of freedom and resistance to the chinese government will hopefully make them reject Blizzard as a whole, ultimately punishing them for (what for many appears to be) trying to surpress a call for freedom.
This will hopefully help in the Hong Kong fight for freedom and bringing the once beloved game developer back to their roots and former glory.

This video has been taken from a Reddit post. I am not the creator of this video.

You can read the original discussion here:

Blizzard bans HK Hearthstone player and two Taiwanese casters after call for freedom for Hong Kong. Does so to appease chinese Government for dat chinese revenue.
Internet elects chinese Blizzard character Mei as ultimate figure of freedom